The Gizmon Smart Clip Lens
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The Gizmon Smart Clip Lens


With a handy laundry pinch clasp, the Gizmon Smart Clip lenses are a great way to spruce up your photography and can be used across heaps of different camera devices.

There are 6 different lens types available which can be bought separately or you can bundle them in our Starter or Extras Kits to save some dosh.

  • Fisheye: Ultra wide-angle lens that distorts images into a hemispherical image.
  • Macro: Extreme close-ups, making very small subjects appear greater than life size with depth of field blur.
  • CPL: Reduces reflection from glass, water surfaces and the sky to improve your photos tenfold.
  • Centre Focus: Creates a unique blur around the edges of your photo with sharp focus on the subject.
  • Mirage: Morphs your subject into three mysterious pieces – very trippy!
  • Cross Screen: Adds a twinkle to your nightlife giving any light a glimmering cross-shaped sparkle.
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Features of The Gizmon Smart Clip Lens:

  • Universal clip suitable for most phones, tablets or computer cameras*
  • Stabiliser pad keeps the lens horizontal for high image quality, no matter the angle
  • Available in 6 different lens types: fisheye, macro , centre focus , mirage , cross screen , CPL
  • Lenses can be unscrewed from the clip to attach to your Gizmon iCA5 Classic, iCA5 Military or Null
  • Weight:

    Approximately 40g


    Approximately 115mm × 60mm× 35mm

    *May not fit all devices due to position of the lens (eg. clip will not reach). Please contact us if you’re unsure if it will fit your device.

    Additional information

    Weight 0.040 kg
    Dimensions 12 x 6 x 4 cm
    Lens type

    Fisheye, Macro, CPL, Centre Focus, Mirage, Cross Screen, The Starter Kit (Fisheye, Macro, CPL), The Extras Kit (Centre Focus, Mirage, Cross Screen)


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