Changed your mind?

No problem! All you need to do is send the item back to us unused and unopened within 14 days. We’ll then refund you the cost of the item (excluding shipping). Return shipping will need to be paid by you.

Already opened it, but haven’t used it?

That’s cool, we can offer you a store credit instead. Again, return shipping will need to be paid by you and we’ll need the item back within 14 days.

Damn, we sent you the wrong thing?

Oops, that was really silly of us and we’re very sorry about the mix up. We’ll get the correct item to you as soon as possible and we’ll cover the return shipping costs for the items you didn’t order. It’s best you let us know ASAP as we’d hate to be out of stock of the item you really wanted.

Your item arrived broken or faulty?

We carefully check all items before we post them to try to avoid any hassles like this, but unfortunately accidents can happen. If something does arrive faulty, we’ll send a replacement as long as you let us know within 7 days of receiving the item (though it’s best to let us know ASAP as we’d hate to be out of stock of the item). We may ask you for photo proof or for the item to be returned to us. We’ll cover return shipping if we need the item back.

What about photo shoots, scanning and restorations?

We can’t offer refunds on our services (such as photo shoots, scanning or restorations) if we’ve already started work on the job. If for any reason we can’t complete the job, we’ll work with you to come to a reasonable resolution (such as a part refund or store credit).

How to request a refund or exchange?

The first step is to contact us with the date of purchase, invoice/order number and reason for the refund/exchange request. Then we’ll take it from there!