How Alyce met Frankly

Back in the day…and by back in the day, we mean 2006…Alyce graduated from university with a Bachelor of Photography. After a few years filled with travel adventures and even more study at uni, she found herself working as an account manager in the advertising business.

It was fun except for the fact that she had to travel over an hour to work each day. So she thought “What would make this all better? Hmm, I know! I’ll get a dog!” (PS. this was not the greatest idea…more to come).

Within a week, she had already purchased and pre-named her dog, Frankly James. Yes, that’s right a dog with a first name AND a second name. Sophisticated eh? It was a long 8 week wait before Frankly would arrive from Victoria and all she had was a picture which she would say goodnight to every night (yeah it’s lame, we know!).

So how did this puppy get such a cracking name?

Frankly, it all came down to the fact that Alyce would often start her sentences saying Frankly and this seemed like a fitting name for a dog.

James was her Papa’s first name. He was a kind and gentle man who shared her love of Camp Pie and she knew Frankly James would be just the same.

Ok, but what happens next?

Well, sure enough, it was puppy love at first sight and Alyce just couldn’t put her camera away. She had only used it here and there when she started working in advertising – but this little hell-raiser, Frankly James, brought out her photography love again.

The only trouble now was that she spent most of her time at work, leaving poor old Frankly on his lonesome for many hours of the day.

The happy ending to our story

Something had to be done. So Alyce took an early retirement from advertising life and started up Frankly James, the camera shop.

Even more fitting was the fact that they started work on this project on Frankly’s 3rd birthday…well, after a cupcake or five, a bit of work was done.

5 Fast Facts about the original Frankly James

The original Frankly James

1. He can shake hands and hi-5, but won’t come or stay
2. He loves to swim
3. When he gets really excited, he’ll steal your shoes
4. He’s really jealous of Alyce’s niece who is 1 and still manages to push him around
5. He often gives himself a fright when he farts